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Birmingham City Council Service Reviews 2014

  • The financial challenge for Birmingham City Council will deepen in 2015/16
  • We’ll need to deliver over £150m of savings in addition to those which have already been consulted on
  • We have already cut one third of our workforce and have saved £375m over the past three years
  • Seven reviews (listed below) are taking place during 2014 to help develop plans that will save this money
  • Between them they’ll cover all council services
  • They build on the Green Papers and White Paper from the 2013 reviews
  • We want to protect the most essential services as far as possible
  • There will have to be radical changes to services and possibly the loss of whole services
  • Understanding the priorities amongst the different things we do will enable us to focus necessary cuts where they are least harmful.

2014 reviews topics

The seven review topics are:

1. Children’s Safeguarding & Education
2. Health & Adult Social Care
3. Employment Support & Transportation Infrastructure
4. Devolved Local Services
5. District SLA & Regulatory Services
6. Externally Contracted & Council-Traded Services
7. Financial & Support Services

2014 review process

Each review is run by a project board, chaired by a council Cabinet Member who is independent of the services under review.

Lead Executive Members, Overview and Scrutiny and backbenchers are also on the board, as well as senior council officers.

There are six steps to the reviews:

Research and analysis

1. Detailed information is gathered on each service area

2. The essential activities, which we have to do to meet our legal duties as a council, are examined and their costs worked out

3. The current and potential contribution the service area can make to our priorities is assessed

4. The service’s value for money is assessed


5. Proposals are developed for running the service in new ways for less money, including delivering essential activities only. The impact of making changes or withdrawing the services is assessed

6. Services are compared with all the other council services and prioritised to help us propose where the remaining money should be spent


The early proposals are made available for general discussion to shape the 2015/16 budget plans. We expect this to be in the autumn of 2014.

What are the council’s priorities?

A Fair City

  • Safety net: People are safe, especially the most vulnerable
  • Wellbeing: All benefit from improved health and wellbeing
  • Poverty: Children and families will not live in poverty - Birmingham will be a "Living Wage City"

A Prosperous City

  • Growing businesses: Businesses will be growing and new ones starting up
  • Education and skills: People will have the qualifications they need for work, including qualifications for school leavers and working age population skills
  • Youth: Young people will be in employment, training or education
  • Unemployment: No groups or areas will be blighted by high employment
  • Sustainability: Birmingham will be more environmentally sustainable

A Democratic City

  • Engagement and influence: Local people will be engaged in local democracy, and have more influence on local decisions

For further information please email servicereviews@birmingham.gov.uk

The hashtag for Service Reviews is #BCCreviews.

Information related to the 2013 Service Reviews is also available.