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Budget Consultation 2014 Factsheets

Below you will find all factsheets relating to all Service Reviews. Beneath each file is a list of individual factsheets which they contain.

Adults Social Care Review Factsheets

 PDF (Size: 80.9 Kb Type: pdf )

Copyright:Birmingham City Council

1 Changes to Specialist Care Services – Residential Care
2 Changes in Internal Services – Older Adult Day Care & Elder Group
3 Changes to Internal Services – Learning Disability Day Care
4 Expansion of Internal Services – Shared Lives
5 Changes in Internal Services Home Care Enablement
6 Enabling Specialist Care Services to Operate Outside the Council
7 Further Reduction in Younger Adult Care Packages
8 Joint Adults’ and Children’s approach to Transitions
9 Older Adults Integration Programme

Safeguarding, Supporting and Educating Young People Factsheets

 PDF (Size: 78.2 Kb Type: pdf )

Copyright:Birmingham City Council

10 Outdoor Learning Service
11 Schools Trading
12 Review of City Learning Centre Service
13 School and Governor Support
14 Remodelling of School Settings and Improvement Service
15 Early Years/Children’s Centres
16 Connexions
17 Strategic Management & Support
18 Education & Welfare
19 Merge Commissioning across A&C and CYPF
20 Budget Assumption on Underspend and Changes to General Fund

Developing a Successful and Inclusive Economy Factsheets

 PDF (Size: 117 Kb Type: pdf )

Copyright:Birmingham City Council

21 Making the Smarter Choices Function Self-Funding
22 Make Digital Birmingham Self-Funding
23 Increase Cost Recovery, and Increase Programme Delivery to Support Economic Growth
24 Reduce the Cost of the Climate Change & Environment Team
25 Bring Together Teams within the City Council and Reduce the Management Overhead/Back Office Cost of Service Delivery
26 Planning Management Efficiencies
27 Reduce the Council’s Energy Bill
28 Implement a New Events Strategy, and Negotiate a new Agreement with Marketing Birmingham
29 Employment Team: Increase Funding to Support Employment and Skills Function
30 Integrated Transport Authority (ITA) Review
31 More Closely Align Functions with the Public and Private Sectors from Across the City Region
32 Transfer the Old REP to Another Operator
33 Establish an Energy Services Company
34 Off Street Parking

Developing Successful and Inclusive Communities Factsheets

 PDF (Size: 235 Kb Type: pdf )

Copyright:Birmingham City Council

35 Highways Maintenance and Management PFI
36 Homeless Service – Increased Income Generation
37 Supporting People – Integrated Commissioning
38 Supporting People – Non-Core Services
39 Healthwatch – Reduce Grant by 35%
40 Homeless Services – Staffing
41 Supporting People – Older People
42 Public Health Commissioning
43a - g Public Health Decommissioning
44 Library of Birmingham
45 District Services
46 Allotments Service
47 Parks Rangers and Woodland Team

Safe, Green and Clean Neighbourhoods Factsheets

 PDF (Size: 79.7 Kb Type: pdf )

Copyright:Birmingham City Council

48 Bulky Waste Charges
49 Use of Enforcement Powers
50 Street Cleansing Service Standards and Awareness Programmes
51 Pest Control Services
52 Community Safety
53 District Engineering
(Included in District Savings #45)
54 Highways – Street Lighting

Support Services Factsheets - updated 12-3-14

 PDF (Size: 146 Kb Type: pdf )

56 Business and Support Services in Local Services Directorate
65 Equalities
55 Potential General Organisational Savings
57 Human Resources
58 Corporate Procurement
59 Corporate Strategy
60 Corporate Finance and Audit
61a-c Legal & Democratic Services
62 Performance & Information
63 Shared Services
64 Property Services
66 Revenues and Benefits
67 Service Birmingham

A Well Managed and Resilient City Factsheets

 PDF (Size: 81.9 Kb Type: pdf )

Copyright:Birmingham City Council

68 Coroner and Mortuary Services
69 Registrar Services (Births, Marriages , Deaths)
70 Licensing Service
71 Traffic Management
72 Trading Standards
73 Environmental Health
74 Resilience (Emergency Planning/CCTV)

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