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Birmingham City Council Service Reviews 2013

This page is about the Service Reviews which took place in 2013 and looked at all the services provided by the council.

It includes copies of the “Green Papers” that came out of those reviews for discussion.

There is a new programme of reviews for 2014.

There is an introductory presentation explaining the service reviews which you can view.

The financial challenge arose because the Government reduced its grants to Birmingham City Council by over £140 million between 2011 and 2013. This reduction in funding is set to continue.

At the same time, the council has to pay for unavoidable cost increases due to inflation, changes in legislation and the changing needs of local people.

The council has already made huge savings since 2010, and many residents took part in consultations surrounding the budget cuts for 2013/2014 to achieve £102 million budget savings.

The review process meant that the council could continue the dialogue with local people about the significant changes that need to be made to services, whilst ensuring that the most vulnerable people continue to be protected.

View a webcast in which the council's Director of strategy, Jason Lowther, outlines the 2013 Service Reviews

The service reviews dialogue

The reviews produced Green Papers which were early reports on ideas coming out from their work. They were intended to help explain and get people talking about the issues.

This dialogue gathered opinions from members of the public, council staff and other organisations in the city to help shape the future of the council before any decisions are made.

This dialogue stage finished in mid November.

Read about the responses we had on our service reviews - responses page.

Our budget proposals for 2014/15 incorporated the ideas from the Service Reviews and the feedback we have received about them. You can see these on our Budget Views page.

If you gave us feedback about the service reviews your comments were included for the budget work too (alongside all the feedback we received specifically on the budget)

The Service Reviews Green Papers remain available below for information.

 PDF Green Paper: Education (Size: 96.8 Kb Type: PDF )

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