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Environmental Health: Pollution

Responsibility for pollution control and regulation is undertaken by a number of different agencies.
Basically responsibilities are as follows but if you are not sure who to speak to please Contact Environmental Health and we will either deal with your complaint/enquiry or let you know who to contact.

Air Pollution
The City Council's Environmental Protection Unit deals with some aspects of Air Quality including local air pollution, smoke control areas, air quality review and assessment, air quality management areas, and prescribed industrial processes for local authority air pollution control. The Environment Agency deals with National Air Pollution Control.

Contaminated Land
The City Council's Environmental Protection Unit has a team who deal with Contaminated Land problems and issues as well as providing an environmental enquiry service.

Problems of Noise Nuisance are dealt with by the City Council's Environmental Health Section.

The City Council provides a range of Waste Services including domestic and commercial refuse collection, street cleansing etc. The Environment Agency deals with waste regulation, the registration of waste carriers, major fly tipping, special waste etc.

The Environment Agency generally deals with water pollution, water resources, water abstraction, river management and fisheries. The City Council deals with Drainage Maintenance and Road Gullies and Severn Trent Water plc. provides drainage, sewers and water supplies.

Report a problem with odour

Light Pollution
Report a problem with light nuisance