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Message to Providers Interested in Birmingham Jobs Fund

Young Talent for Business has Agreements in place with a number of providers to market and deliver the Birmingham Jobs Fund (BJF) and some AGE Grants that have been passported to Birmingham City Council. Providers need to be signed up via such an Agreement before being able to access the pots of funding for their employers.

Due to the finite amount of funding available, we have had to implement a process of controlling future enrolment of Providers onto the programme. We will collect key information from interested Providers, which will then be reviewed by the Partnership.

New Agreements may be signed in the event of any gaps in delivery / underperformances being identified with existing Providers.

If you are interested in accessing the BJF then help us capture and review information about your organisation:

Please get in touch to request the ‘Interest Log’ template, which you should complete and return to

We are providing guidance and clarification in the document below, which will be regularly updated. The document is also being used to relay important information to you regarding any changes or updates to the programme.

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Last Updated : 25th November 2013