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Youth Unemployment Commission

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While unemployment takes many forms and presents many problems, we are all concerned about the long-term impact on individuals and families. This is particularly the case with young people, who have never had the opportunity to enter the labour market, or gain the skills necessary to sustain employment.

With this in mind, the Youth Unemployment Commission was established in August 2012. By working in partnership with other organisations we can explore the most effectively way to address this difficult problem with the limited resources available.

The report below is the first from the commission and lays the foundation for a joint approach to getting young people into work. It aims to:

  • slash long-term youth unemployment by ramping up the number of job opportunities available to young people
  • make Birmingham's schools and colleges the best in the country at preparing young people for the world of work; and
  • unite as a City in tackling youth unemployment through improved collaboration.

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Last Updated : 28th August 2013