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Post and Mail Urban Design Brief - Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

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Please Note : This document has now been revoked and is no longer in use

The Post and Mail Planning and Urban Design Brief set out proposals for the future direction of the site adjacent to Colmore Circus Queensway in the city centre.

The area had potential for a phased regeneration over a period of time, with redevelopment proposals currently emerging.

The key objectives of the document were to:

  • promote Civic Use (Magistrates’ Courts), Commercial Offices and Public Car Parking as the primary uses of the site.
  • promote Residential, Leisure, Retail and Hotels as supporting uses of the site.
  • provide potential for new commercial uses and a location for the new Magistrates courts in the centre of Birmingham.
  • provide possible phased urban brownfield redevelopment with ready access to the public transport networks.
  • emphasise the ‘City Living’ objective by providing a mixed use of working and living.
  • propose a new Public Square on the site, enhancing the existing network of open spaces in the city centre.
  • develop the area into a key pedestrian access route.

The Planning and Urban Design Brief was adopted in March 2004 in order to provide planning and urban design guidance and was used to determine planning applications in the area. It was approved as a Supplementary Planning Guidance but having achieved most of its aims, the document has now been revoked.

A copy of the document is below along with a map showing the area covered by the proposals.

Document Status : Statutory Policy Document - Adopted March 2004 - Revoked July 2013

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Last Updated : 5th August 2013 - Document Revoked - Page no longer being updated.