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45 Degree Code for Residential Extensions

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The 45 Degree Code is one of the factors we take into account when determining planning applications for new buildings and extensions. If you follow the code, it should lead to a quicker and more favourable decision.

The code is used to assess the impact of a new building or extension on the outlook from or daylight to a nearby house or flat. It aims to provide a fair balance between those who want to extend their property and those who live next door.

The document attached explains how the code is applied so if you are designing an extension you know what we will be looking for. You may also like to look at our Extending Your Homes document.

Please note : some extensions do not need planning permission, so we can only apply the code where a planning application is submitted.

Document Status : Statutory Planning Document - Adopted 1996

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Last Updated : 17th January 2012