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Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Development Plan

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In April 2011, Balsall Heath was chosen by the Government as one of the first areas in the country to pilot Neighbourhood Planning. Over 200 pilots are now testing this new initiative and the work done so far has helped guide the Government's thinking.

Designation of the Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Area and the Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Planning Forum

When the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations came into force, Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Planning Forum formally applied to BCC to be recognised as the legitimate body to prepare a NDP for their area. The Forum’s application identified the proposed Neighbourhood Area to which the plan would relate, their reasons for wanting to prepare a plan and how the Forum met the criteria within the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. BCC publicised the application on this webpage for a 6 week period between the 12th September- 24th October 2012.

A copy of the Forum’s original application can be accessed below, which contains a copy of its written constitution.

A number of representations were submitted on the application, and these were considered by BCC. The extent of the proposed Neighbourhood Area amended to take account of the comments received, and the area to the north of Highgate Road removed from the boundary, which was supported by the Forum. BCC was satisfied that the Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Planning Forum met the requirements of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations, and as such, the Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Area and Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Planning Forum was formally designated by the City Council on 12th February 2013.


The work undertaken so far by the Forum can be viewed at

The Forum has encouraged everyone to contribute to the preparation of the NDP, particularly those who live and work in the area.

The draft NDP has now been prepared and will be consulted upon for 8 weeks from the 20th September to 15th November 2013 before it is submitted to us. This will provide stakeholders with an opportunity to comment on the proposals in the plan. Any comments received will be taken in-to account and the NDP will be amended accordingly before it is submitted to the City Council. The Draft NDP can be viewed on the Forum's website above.

Sustainability Appraisal for the potential development options

The Forum has identified a number of development options within the draft NDP and a Sustainability Appraisal (SA) is being undertaken to look at the social, economic and environmental effects of emerging proposals. For example, where a site is identified for potential housing growth, the potential impacts of this type of development will be assessed, including the effect on the existing highway network, the loss of open space, the impact on air quality etc.

Where proposals and / or policies potentially give rise to adverse environmental effects, mitigation measures will be identified.

Lepus Consulting has been appointed by the Forum to carry out this piece of work.

The first stage of the SA is the preparation of the Scoping Report. This document was prepared in October 2012 and provides baseline information about the NDP area, reviews relevant local, national and European policies and identifies key issues that are explored in the SA Report, which is the next stage of the process.

The Scoping Report of the SA was consulted upon for 5 weeks between Wednesday 17th October- Thursday 22nd November 2012, and was sent to the statutory consultees and key stakeholders in Balsall Heath for comment. A number of representations were received and these have informed the preparation of the SA Report.

The Sustainability Appraisal is being consulted upon at the same time as the draft NDP

A copy of the Scoping Report is below.

The draft Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Development Plan and Sustainability Appraisal can be viewed at or by visiting Balsall Heath Library, Moseley Road, or The Tree Nursery, 82-83 St Pauls Road Balsall Heath.

Once submitted to BCC the draft NDP will be examined by an independent body. Provided the NDP is supported at that stage, a referendum will be held to enable local people to vote on the document See details of the process here.

If you wish to get involved, contact Abdullah Rehman at the Balsall Heath Neighbourhood Planning Forum ( or visit their website at

If you would like to discuss Neighbourhood Planning or the emerging Balsall Heath NDP with council officers, please contact us

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