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Fitting People, Jobs and Training Together

We are in a unique position to know when certain construction jobs may be available. Through the planning application process we get to know what developers will be building in the next few months. We often stipulate that developers must work with us to fill vacancies when building in the City through legal agreements linked to the planning permissions. This allows us to promote the opportunities to local people.

Often we are directly involved in buying in the services of the construction industry, e.g. building the new library and redeveloping New Street Station. In these cases we have even greater influence over who is employed to work on a particular project. We do this through the Procurement Policy Framework on Jobs and Skills. You can see the impact this has already had in the following report

We are also trying to introduce a similar policy through our new Core Strategy.

In difficult economic times it is more important than ever that the jobs created through the work of the City Council and its partners in regeneration are accessible to all Birmingham people, particularly those that are unemployed and facing disadvantage.

The key objectives of the Framework include

  • Working with developers and employers to ensure across-the-board commitment when connecting local people to employment and apprenticeship opportunities

  • Using the wide-ranging networks and links of the City Council and its partners to identify job opportunities as soon as they come online, for example through new and existing business and inward investment

  • Advising the Council’s procurement officers on targeted recruitment and training clauses within new Council contracts, and providing support to Birmingham City Council’s contractors, on their delivery of jobs and skills targets

  • Working with the City Council’s Planning service to ensure that employers linked to developments with Section 106 clauses are given support, help and encouragement to meet their obligations

  • Delivering tailored, specific training programmes to ensure that job opportunities are available to local people

Once the construction phase of a development is complete, we then help organisations moving into the development to find staff. We can help fulfil recruitment requirements for jobs in sectors such as retail, hospitality, food services and security, to name a few.

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Last Updated : 12th April 2013