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Employment Access

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Employment Access is about helping employers get the right people, with the right skills, at the right time and helping Birmingham’s unemployed jobseekers to link in with job and training opportunities in the City.

Our focus in the current difficult economic climate is to work with employers and developers to understand their recruitment requirements. We can then find the right skilled unemployed people, or appropriately train people through bespoke training programmes to get them ‘fit for the job’. This could be offered as part of a wholly managed recruitment campaign.

We provide employers with a comprehensive support package to recruit and train staff to become skilled, flexible and sustainable.

We also support construction workers by identifying new developments and helping them to have continuous employment.

Improving access to employment and skills opportunities for Birmingham’s unemployed people is a key priority for the City Council. Through our commitment and drive to tackle this issue we could also help you meet your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

See how this worked in practice during the construction of the new Library of Birmingham.

We are also currently working to secure job opportunities for unemployed Birmingham residents at the New Street Station and Grand Central shopping area.

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Last Updated : 24th January 2014