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Neighbourhood Planning

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As part of the Government’s Localism agenda, new legislation has been introduced to encourage local people to have more say in how their area looks.

Neighbourhood Planning is a process by which communities can come together and prepare land use plans that will guide the type of developments they would wish to see in their neighbourhood.

This represents a major change in the way these types of plans have traditionally been prepared. Although technical guidance and assistance will still be offered by us, the local community will be the driving force and will take responsibility for writing the document.

Once ideas and proposals have been generated by a recognised Neighbourhood Forum (or Parish Council) and consulted on locally, an independent examiner will check that the proposals satisfy a number of basic conditions. These include making sure the proposals accord with national and local policy and they are deliverable. If the requirements are met, the plan will be put to a referendum, where those on the electoral register in the plan area can vote on the proposals.

If the majority of people voting in the referendum are in favour of the draft proposals, then we will be required to approve it as a Neighbourhood Development Plan. It will then become a statutory land use document and be used to determine planning applications for development in the area.

Every Neighbourhood Development Plan will be given its own webpage to help publicise its preparation. This will provide details of

  • the Forum or Parish Council proposing the plan
  • the area the plan will cover
  • how people can get involved in the process
  • how to respond to the initial application and
  • any deadlines for making comments

As the plan progresses we will add further information to the webpage such as

  • the draft plan itself
  • our response to the draft plan
  • the independent examiners report and
  • the adoption report when / if we approve the plan

All Neighbourhood Forums / Parish Councils will be encouraged to set up their own webpage, to help publicise ideas and involve as many local people as possible.

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Last Updated : 6th May 2014