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City Wide Planning Policies

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Below is a list of city wide planning policy and guidance documents. These documents provide the context for the decisions we make on all planning applications and development proposals in the city.

The first section lists our key policy and guidance documents and these set the scene for how we see the city developing over the next 20 years. Below that are a number of subject based planning policy documents that apply across the whole city.

There are also a number of area based planning policies you may with to refer to.

You can also get involved with shaping where you live or work as we prepare new draft documents.

Where further details are available a link is provided. The status of each document is given at the bottom of each page. We are currently working on developing more information about these documents, so please bear with us as we complete these new pages.

Key Policies and Guidance Documents

Unitary Development Plan (UDP)

Birmingham Development Plan (Draft) (Formerly Draft Core Strategy)

Big City Plan

Local Development Framework

45 Degree Code for Residential Extensions

City Wide Policies

Access for People with Disabilities (SPD)

Affordable Housing (SPG)

Archaeology Strategy (SPG)

Car Parks Design Guide (SPG)

Car Parking Guidelines (SPD)

Development involving Former Public Houses (SPG)

Extending your Home (SPD)

Floodlighting of Sports Facilities, Car Parks and Secure Areas (Light Pollution) (SPG)

Green Living Spaces Plan (non statutory) *New

Guidelines for assessing Planning Applications for Development on or near to Landfill Sites (SPG)

High Places (SPG)

Large Format Banners (SPD)

Lighting Places (SPD)

Location of Advertising Hoardings (SPG)

Telecommunications Development : Mobile Phone Infrastructure (SPD)

Mature Suburbs Residential Development Guidelines (SPD)

Nature Conservation Strategy for Birmingham (SPG)

Parking of Vehicles at Commercial and Industrial Premises Adjacent to Residential Property (SPG)

Parks and Open Space Strategy (SPD)

Places for All (SPG)

Places for Living (SPG)

Places of Worship (SPD)

Proposals involving the loss of industrial land to alternate uses (SPD)

Public Open Space and New Residential Development (SPD)

Regeneration through Conservation (SPG)

Residential Uses (Specific Needs): HMOs, Hostels, Residential Care and Nursing Homes, Bedroom Sizes for Student Accommodation (SPG)

Shopfronts Design Guide (SPG)

Shopping & Local Centres (SPD)

Sustainable Management of Urban Rivers and Floodplains (SMURF) Planning Framework (SPD)

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Last Updated : 3rd October 2013