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Planning Management Equality & Diversity

The Planning Management part of the Planning and Regeneration service deals with

  • determining planning applications effectively and efficiently
  • providing a council wide S106 monitoring and co-ordination service to ensure monies are secured as part of the planning application process and spent in a timely manner.
  • delivering an efficient and effective planning enforcement function,
  • maintaining an efficient land charges service.
  • providing an effective and efficient administrative support service for the Planning Committee.
  • providing an efficient application, appeal and enforcement registration service.
  • achieving and maintaining e-government targets for electronic service delivery, and assisting in delivering service, policy and procedural improvements across the Planning and Regeneration service.

Equality Analysis

Evidence Gathering - this is the first stage in understanding how the service relates to all of our customers equally. It includes looking at what evidence is available for the analysis, what information is gathered for the different protected groups, what the information gaps are and establishes whether stakeholders can be usefully engaged to contribute to the analysis.

All planning applicants are asked to complete an Equalities Monitoring form so we can check there is a fair planning application process for all. Other sources of evidence includes planning application decision monitoring (including refusals), complaints and enforcement cases.

Initial Analysis - it is useful to bring together all of the equality information in order to make a judgement about what the likely effect of the service is on different sectors of the community. If the analysis shows that certain policies and functions are not relevant to particular groups then we will need to document the reasons why.

Action Plan - this will be aligned and integrated with other improvements identified for the service as part of the work undertaken by our Customer Services Project Board (for example through its work on improving methods to measure customer satisfaction).


Monitoring is essential if we are to address the needs of all sections of the community. It helps us to fulfil the Government’s aim to build sustainable and inclusive communities and reduce social exclusion. It also checks any improvements we make to our service are making a positive difference for our customers. It therefore takes place on an ongoing basis.

A recent example of something we have changed as a result of customer feedback is the introduction of a new leaflet to explain the planning enforcement process, which is left following an officer's visit to a property - available on our enforcement page.

Ethnic monitoring analysis has been carried out on an ad-hoc basis over the last few years. This information can be linked to spatial analysis and any other application information such as category, ward, constituency etc. and through our census information.

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Last Updated : 1st November 2013