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Medieval Aston


Archaeological excavations near Aston Tavern on Aston Hall Road revealed remains of the medieval village of Aston, a few hundred years older than Aston Hall. A cluster of houses near St Peter and St Paul church are marked on a map of 1758. The excavations found two ditches which contained pottery dating to the early 13th and early 14th centuries, three hundred years before Aston Hall was built.


There was also the base of a medieval stone wall. This was a boundary wall relating to the properties fronting onto the former village street, or the remains of a building whose walls would be timber-framed, resting on a stone base.

Pottery found on the site was mostly made locally. It included pieces of cooking pots, many of which had soot on the external surface as a result of use. There were also pieces of pitchers made in the Bull Ring and Deritend area including a wide strap handle decorated with stabbed decoration in a 'ladder pattern'.

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Last Updated : 23rd August 2013