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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Planning & Regeneration's Fast Track Enquiries Survey

We introduced a 'fast track' enquiry service to allow us to respond to simple enquiries, such as copies of documents, copies of forms, links to information etc without the need for the formal logging of an enquiry. We aim to respond to these types of enquiries within 3 working days after date of receipt.

The purpose of the survey is

  • to establish our customers' needs
  • to assess satisfaction level of customers using this service -we aim for an 80% satisfaction level
  • to identify areas for improvement in this service

This ongoing customer satisfaction survey is sent to anyone who has been responded to using the “Fast Track” enquiry service. It is analysed quarterly and published annually.

The graph below represent the views of our customers based on their overall satisfaction rating being either Very Good or Good.


Analysis and review

Since the introduction of the Fast Track service, 2 years ago, the overall satisfaction rating has been relatively stable at around 74%.

Here are some of the Compliments we received

  • Very Good Service
  • Happy with the service
  • Very prompt Service
  • Pre application service very helpful

Find out how we turned your comments, complaints and compliments into service improvements

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