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Planning Obligations - Advice for Developers

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There are a number of documents available to inform and guide you through the Section 106 (S106) process. Alternatively, you can contact the Planning Officer dealing with your application.

Policies on our S106 requirements are set out in a number of planning policy documents, such as the Unitary Development Plan (UDP), Development Plan documents, Supplementary Planning Documents and Supplementary Planning Guidance. You can also find information relating to our consultation on the Birmingham Development Plan (the replacement of the UDP).

There are two specific Supplementary Planning Documents outlining the contributions required for all new residential developments.

This sets out our policy for funding public open space in new residential developments over 20 units.

Other Useful Documents

To speed up the process, we have prepared a draft model legal agreement template. Please note this template is subject to change.

Your S106 agreement also contains some standard forms which should be returned to us at various stages of the development being constructed. These are:

S106 Payment Form/Remittance Advice – a form to be submitted by developers with S106 payments

S106 Implementation Notice – a form to be submitted by developers giving notice of their intention to start construction on site

Please see Planning Online for a copy of the final agreement, or contact us for further details.

You can find details about the new Community Infrastructure Levy here.

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Last Updated : 9th October 2013