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How to Influence a Planning Obligation

You can influence the content of S106 agreements by making comments to us on a planning application. You can find information on all planning applications in your area on Planning Online or by keeping an eye on our weekly list of planning applications received, which is listed by ward.

Comments can include suggestions for projects which may mitigate the impact of a new development on an area, such as road improvements, or improvements to local facilities, such as play areas. It should be noted that it will not be possible to include all suggestions because planning obligations have to meet legal tests to ensure they are reasonable and fairly related to the development.

Statutory consultees may also be consulted on planning applications, such the Police, Fire Service, Severn Trent etc. In addition to these statutory groups, residents, businesses and registered community and specialist groups living and working adjacent to a development site may also receive letters from us at the start of the planning application process. Further details on how to comment are available here.

The content of any Section 106 agreement will be considered by the Planning Committee when it determines the application. All Section 106 agreements are publicly available documents and are available on Planning Online when the decision has been made.

Please contact us if you need any more information.

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Last Updated : 18th November 2013