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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Service Improvements

Service improvements are brought about through listening to feedback from our customers. This provides information about what is working and what is not. It helps us identify existing and potential problems with our processes and procedures and highlights opportunities for staff development.

Overall, your feedback provides us with the information to evaluate the service we deliver, along with the skills and abilities of our staff that provide them.

Find out how to make your views known to us here.

Here are some of the ways your feedback has turned into service improvements in the last 12 months.

Planning Applications Survey Feedback

You Said We Did
  • Would like longer than 3 minutes to speak at Planning Committee
  • We explained that 3 minutes was the Council’s adopted policy and considered long enough to produce a structured objection
  • Customers were unable to contact the planning officer
  • We have introduced a direct line to the planning officer’s team phone number and the e-mail address of the planning officer is now shown on the initial acknowledgement letter
  • The website is not user friendly and is out of date
  • We are working on keeping our web pages up to date and intend to make it more user friendly. We shall be working closely with the forthcoming Council-wide review of its website

Planning Enforcement Survey Feedback

You Said We Did
  • Improve access to enforcement officers
  • Our initial Enforcement Enquiry acknowledgment letters now include direct dial phone number to the officer as well as their e-mail address
  • More updates on the enforcement case
  • Enforcement officers have been reminded of the need for more updates to customers but it has also been made easier for them to be contacted as above
  • Clearer explanations about why the enquiry has been closed
  • Officers have been made aware that they should be clear in their letters which should be free of technical terms

Fast Track Enquiries Feedback

You Said We Did
  • Please update the locally listed building information on your website
  • The locally listed building pages are up to date
  • Please direct the customer to the correct web link that provides the information they need
  • Staff have been reminded to ensure that they provide the most appropriate web link for customers
  • Can you publish officer reports
  • All officer reports for planning applications that have been determined are now published on the Planning and Regeneration website

Speaking at Planning Committee Survey Feedback

You Said We Did
  • I found it impossible to hear, councillors did not speak into their microphones properly
  • The Chairman has reminded all participants at Planning Committee of the need to speak clearly into their microphone
  • Suggest in your invitation letter to speakers that it is worth viewing a previous meeting on the webcast before attending Planning Committee
  • This is already done

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The number of Service Complaints progressed compared with all business interactions with customers is extremely low.

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Last Updated : 11th January 2016