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Planning Enforcement and Compliance Performance

We receive thousands of enquiries alleging that owners/occupiers are doing something without planning permission, or not complying with the terms of their planning permission. See our Enforcement Page.

We currently investigate every one and most are resolved without having to resort to formal enforcement action.

The graphs below show

1. The number of such complaints received over the last 4 years.

2. The number and types of notices served over the last 4 years.

3. The outcomes from those complaints submitted during 2013/14.


Court Prosecutions – 2014/15

Here is a summary of cases where we achieved successful prosecution when legal notices were not complied with.

3 Pineapple Road, Stirchley

The Defendant attended in person and pleaded guilty. They indicated that they had relied on their builder for guidance. They had now completed the necessary work. In sentencing, the magistrates indicated that they viewed the matter as serious as the work had remained unaltered for an extended period and had only been undertaken after the issue of summonses.

The Defendant was fined £800 and ordered to pay costs as requested in the sum of £1,422.16 (officer costs £724.16 and legal £688.50) and a victim surcharge of £80 totalling £2302.16 to be paid within 28 days.

89 Teignmouth Road, Selly Oak

The Defendant attended in person and entered a plea of guilty in relation to a breach of planning legislation, namely the unauthorised erection of single & two storey rear extensions. The Court fined the owner £160 and ordered him to pay full costs in the sum of £948.88 and a £20 victim surcharge.

239 Robins Hood Lane, Hall Green

In July 2014, the Defendant entered a plea of guilty to three summonses in relation to breaches of the planning legislation, namely the unauthorised use of his home address for the storage and sale of cars. The Court fined the owner £500 for summons one and no separate penalty for summonses two and three, and ordered to pay £1000 towards costs and a £50 victim surcharge.

622 Shirley Road, Hall Green

The Council has been attempting to resolve this difficult matter, relating to an outbuilding whose footprint was twice that of the dwelling, over a protracted period of time.

The defendant initially pleaded not guilty, but on the day of the hearing changed his plea to guilty. The court ordered him to pay a total of £7,514.15

181 Heybarnes Road, Small Heath

The defendant pleaded not guilty at an earlier hearing. At a trial on 9 January 2015 on the advice of their solicitor the defendant changed their plea to guilty for erecting an unauthorised single storey rear extension.

The Court fined the defendant £3600, £120 victim surcharge and awarded full costs of £1710.12, making a grand total of £5430.12.

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Last Updated : 11th February 2015