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Planning Online Search Help

Planning Online allows you to search for planning applications submitted to us since 1948, with documents and plans being available from January 2006.

If you have been sent a letter about an application, the application number will be on it. This is the easiest way to find details using Planning Online.

You can also find weekly lists of planning applications received in pdf format here.

If you do not know the application number, you can find the application using the Main Application Search, see below.

Application Number Search

If you know the application number, enter it in full in the application number box and click Search or press Enter on your keyboard.

Application numbers are in the format YYYY/XXXX/PA, eg 2009/00001/PA. Please ensure you enter the number including the forward slashes and make sure there isn't an extra 'space' before or after the number. You can enter the 'PA' in either upper or lower case.

You will then see a search results screen showing brief details of that application. Select the application number link if you will want more application details.

In the Details Page, you will be able to view the application details and make comments on the application, if it has not yet had a decision. The links at the bottom of the page give you access to any related documents (after 01 January 2006) and other relevant information. You can also monitor the progress of an application using this page.

If you have a reference number in a different format to the above, you can convert it into the new one by putting the main unique reference number in the XXXXX section above and including the year of the application at the front. For example, S/00100/06/FUL, becomes 2006/00100/PA.

Main Application Search

The main application search will allow you to search using a combination of search criteria. These include:-

Application Number - Enter the application number in the format as detailed above. (Use of 'wildcards')

Application Type - Choose an application type from the drop down list. See below for further details.

Site Address - Enter an address, the more information you provide the more refined your results will be. (Use of 'wildcards')

Proposal Key Words- You can search on a key word contained in the application proposal. (Use of 'wildcards')

Constituency - Choose a Constituency from the drop down list.

Applicant Name - Enter the name of the applicant. (Use of 'wildcards')

Agent Name - Enter the name of the agent. (Use of 'wildcards')

Date Search - Choose the dates you would like to search on and click the radio button to select the relevant date search criteria. You can search by the number of months, number of days, or by a range of dates. Please make sure you click the button next to your date search.

Use of Wildcards - You can use '%' as part of the fields mentioned above to help assist with your search. eg '%High Street' will return all applications for High Street. Warning! - we suggest you use other criteria as well to refine your search. If there are too many to return, the system will time out.

Applications Awaiting Decision

Search for applications that are still awaiting a decision by selecting the relevant Ward from the drop down list. If you select all, then all applications awaiting a decision by us will be displayed. This is likely to return a significant number of applications and is therefore not recommended!


If you experience difficulties displaying plans and documents using the Planning Online system, please see the How to View Documents page.

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Last Updated : 27th March 2015