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High Hedges - What the Council will do

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We will first assess that the complaint is valid, i.e that it is covered by the legislation and we have all the information we need. If for any reason the complaint is not valid, we will write and tell you.

If the complaint is valid, we will acknowledge the complaint and write to the hedge owner and anyone else affected by the hedge and ask for their comments.

Site Visit / Assessment

We will then visit the site to view the hedge, usually from both sides. An assessment of the complaint will be made after this visit, when we will determine if the hedge is affecting the complainants property.

Remedial Notice Issued

We will then determine whether we intend to serve a Remedial Notice, which will require the hedge to be reduced in height. The Notice could also require long-term maintenance measures to be carried out, e.g. to keep it within a certain height at all times. For this reason the Remedial Notice becomes a charge on the land and is binding not only on the existing owner/occupier, but also on all future owners/occupiers.

If a remedial notice is served, the hedge owner has a right of appeal. The complainant can also appeal if they do not feel the remedial notice goes far enough and does not resolve their complaint.

Remedial Notice Not Issued

If we decide not to serve a Remedial Notice, we will write to you and explain why not. If a Remedial Notice has not been served, the complainant can appeal against our decision.


If you disagree with the Councils decision on a complaint about a high hedge, or with any remedial notice that may have been issued, you can submit an appeal. High Hedge appeals are dealt with by the Planning Inspectorate.

Guidance for appellants and an appeal form are available on the Planning Inspectorate website Further advice on appeals can also be found in the ODPM leaflet

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 Last Updated : 14th November 2013