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Details of the National Validation Criteria

The table below describes in more detail the requirements of the National Validation Criteria.

Criteria What is Required
Application Form
  • All information needs to be completed using the national 1APP form accessible through the Planning Portal
  • Ensure plans are marked with specific information where requested on the application form
  • All forms need to be signed and dated
Location Plan 1:1250
  • Based on an up to date map
  • Drawn at a scale of 1:1250 for all applications except advertisement consent with the scale annotated on the plan
  • Show at least two named roads
  • Show surrounding buildings
  • Show properties numbered or named
  • Show direction of North
  • The application site should be edged in red
  • A blue line should be drawn around any other land owned by the applicant
Site Plan 1:500
  • This should be at a scale of 1:500 with the scale annotated on the plan
  • Show direction of North
  • Show the proposed development in relation to the site boundaries and other existing buildings on the site, with written dimensions including those to the boundaries
  • Show all the buildings, roads and footpaths on land adjoining the site including access arrangements
  • Show all public rights of way crossing or adjoining the site
  • Show the position of all trees on the site and those on adjacent land that could influence or be affected by the development
  • Show the extent and type of any hard surfacing
  • Show boundary treatment including walls or fencing where this is proposed

Existing and proposed drawings

Floor Plans
Roof Plans

  • These should be drawn to the same scale either 1:50 or 1:100 to aid comparative study with the scale annotated on the plan
  • All sides of the proposal should be shown
  • Where a proposed elevation adjoins another building or is in close proximity, the drawings should show this relationship
  • Completed and dated Ownership Certificate (either A, B, C or D)
  • The fee or reasons and supporting documentation to explain why there is no fee
Agricultural Holdings Certificate
  • Completed and dated Agricultural Holdings Certificate (Article 7)
Design and Access Statement
  • This should be submitted to explain and justify the proposal in a structured way
  • The level of detail will be dependant on the scale and complexity of the application
  • It should include both design principles and concepts that have been applied to the proposed development
  • Results of pre-application consultation should also be included
  • If the site is within a Conservation Area or affects the setting of a Conservation Area you should include details of how the scheme has taken account of the historic and special architectural importance of the area.
  • More information on how to set out your Design and Access Statement is set out in circular 01/2006 - Guidance on Changes to the Development Control System

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Last Updated : 20th November 2013