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Living in a Conservation Area

Most people welcome the fact that their property is in a Conservation Area. Very often the reason they have chosen to live in such an area is because of its unique character and history.

If you live in a Conservation Area, you should make sure that any changes you make to your property through repairs, maintenance or alterations, are in keeping with the character of the building and the area. You should take care to match original materials and methods of construction and avoid damaging or removing features of historic or architectural value.

Unsympathetic alterations, for example, replacing original windows with uPVC windows or windows of a different design, removing chimneys or changing the original roofing materials may not only spoil the appearance of the Conservation Area, but may also significantly reduce the value of your property. Independent studies show that houses which retain their original period features can sell for more than those which have been unsympathetically modernised.

Our Conservation Officers may be able to advise you and your builders about the most appropriate methods and materials to be used in repairing and maintaining your property. For example, they can recommend the types of brick or roofing materials that are in keeping with the property and the area.

Whilst some alterations may be carried out without needing planning permission, some Conservation Areas have restricted permitted development rights by imposing an Article 4 Direction. Before carrying out work, you should check whether there is such a direction on your Conservation Area.

All trees in Conservation Areas are also protected.

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Last Updated : 6th November 2013