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Planning Permission: Changes of Use

If you want to change the use of a building or land, you may need planning permission. Most uses fall within a 'use class'.

A summary of the Use Classes can be found on the Planning Portal's website and will give you an idea of which 'class' your use falls into.

Planning permission is not usually needed when both the existing and proposed new uses fall within the same 'Use Class'. It is also possible to change uses between some classes without making an application. More information about permitted changes of use is on the Planning Portal's website.

Please note : some significant changes were made to permitted use class changes on 30th May 2013. These are detailed on the above pages.

If you think you need planning permission and want to know your chances of getting permission, please follow the pre application advice process outlined on this page. This information cannot be provided over the telephone.

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Last Updated : 4th June 2013