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Trees in Conservation Areas

When we designate a Conservation Area, trees within it are automatically protected from being cut down or having work done to them. This is because trees can contribute significantly to the special character of a Conservation Area.

If you want to carry out work to a tree or remove a tree in a Conservation Area you must give us 6 weeks notice and submit a Tree Works Consent Form

In addition to this, a specific tree may be protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

You do not normally need permission to cut down or do work to trees that are:-

  • less than 75mm in diameter (measured 1.5m above ground)
  • less that 100mm in diameter (measured 1.5m above ground), if it is to help the growth of other trees
  • if the tree is dead, dying or dangerous
  • if it is a fruit tree, grown for fruit production.

To ensure there is no misinterpretation of the above, it is advisable to contact us before carrying out any work. All work should be carried out in accordance with good arboricultural practice.

If you wilfully damage or destroy a protected tree, you could be prosecuted and fined up to £20,000 in the Magistrates court.

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Last Updated : 7th November 2013