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Archaeology in Action


If an archaeological assessment is needed for a particular site, we will advise the developer or their agent, and give them a brief to work to. We also supply a list of archaeological contractors and consultants (see bottom of the page) who we know are capable of the work involved.

The assessment normally consists of a desk-based study followed by a field evaluation involving small-scale archaeological excavation and/or recording of above ground structures.

The archaeological contractor prepares a Scheme of Investigation which is sent to us for approval. We then monitor the work to ensure it is undertaken as agreed.

Following assessment, we discuss with the developer the requirements or potential for in situ preservation and requirements for further archaeological work. We negotiate design solutions and prepare further briefs.

Preservation and Recording

We may give planning permission for the development but attach planning conditions to record archaeological remains. These may include requirements for archaeological excavations before development, or archaeological observation during development, followed by analysis and publication of the results, or structural recording.

If nationally important archaeological remains are affected by a new development (whether or not they are designated as Scheduled Ancient Monuments), then we will require those remains to be preserved intact and in situ.

Like any other developers, City Council departments have themselves commissioned archaeological assessments and archaeological excavations, where Council developments are likely to affect archaeological remains.

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Last Updated : 15th August 2014