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Masshouse Circus

Masshouse Circus was one of several large road intersections on the Queensway, the ring road built in the 1960s around the City Centre. Over the last 20 years, we have set about breaking the 'concrete collar' of the Queensway, allowing the City Centre to expand and returning the streets to people.

We established plans for the area in the Digbeth Millennium Quarter Framework (1996) with more details provided in the Eastside Development Framework (2001) (both now superseded by the Eastside Masterplan).

We then lead the way in undertaking a Compulsory Purchase Order which allowed land and buildings to be bought and enabled construction of a replacement road layout. Our funding of the project was added to through our successful bid to the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The project involved radical changes to the whole of the Masshouse Circus area. The elevated sections of the Queensway were removed between the highway changes at the Bullring and Aston University. This including the elevated Masshouse Circus roundabout and the underpass below.

Unfriendly pedestrian subways were replaced by an attractive urban boulevard and surface level pedestrian crossings. Moor Street Queensway has also become the bus interchange for many services.

The main benefits of the scheme have been

  • Creating safer, more attractive pedestrian routes from the city core which transformed links to Millennium Point
  • Opening up development sites that are vital for maximising the regeneration potential of Eastside
  • Developing better access to public transport
  • Vastly improving the environment, creating a more attractive and healthier City Centre

Photos of the area before, during and after the scheme’s implementation are below.

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