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Attwood Green - Avoiding the Problems of the Past

Avoiding the problems of the past

Before redevelopment in the 1960s, the Central Area Estates were a mixture of back-to-back and terraced housing as well as large Victorian houses in the area which is now Benmore and Woodview. In addition there was also a close mix of shops, pubs, industry and other uses such as schools and hospitals.

After World War II, five redevelopment areas were drawn up which included Lee Bank, Ladywood, and Highgate. Clearance started in the early 1950s with redevelopment continuing until the early 1970s. The result was Lee Bank (formally known as Bath Row), Benmore, Woodview, and the Five Ways Estate.

At first the redevelopment was popular. But soon physical and social problems started to appear with people feeling isolated from one another, and the new Ring Road creating a physical barrier between the estates and the rest of the city.

The City Council and Optima, working together in partnership with residents, are therefore determined to get the redevelopment right this time. There is a strong commitment to involving residents of the area at all stages to ensure a highly successful project.

In 2001 Birmingham City Council, Optima and the developer Crest Nicholson plc unveiled Europe's biggest urban renaissance project, with major improvements in roads, parks, lighting, new homes, offices, shops, parks, hotels and leisure facilities planned for the Attwood Green area. Over 1500 homes are being improved, 1350 unsatisfactory homes demolished and 550 new homes built by 2008.

This can be seen in a number of areas within Park Central which is the first phase of the Attwood Green redevelopment. To date approximately 500 new homes have been finished, creating a variety of housing types and tenures for residents. This summer has also seen the completion of the Sky Mirror, which is set in the West Park and forms a raised pathway and viewing platform with a reflective pool. As an object in the park it is a symbol of a park that is for the community.

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Last Updated : 9th May 2013