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Perry Barr District Background: Perry Barr Ward

Perry Barr Ward extends north westwards from the A38(M) Aston Expressway up to the boarder with Walsall, Queslett Road and with Sandwell Old Walsall Road and Walsall Road and its other boundaries are the M6 Motorway to the north east and roughly the Birmingham Walsall railway line to the south west with a deviation to take in the Yew Tree area of Witton where the boarder is Witton Lane.

The Ward is dissected by the A34 Walsall Road which is a key arterial road between the City Centre and the Motorway network and towns and cities to the north and west.

Two important areas of parkland situated in the central part of the Ward are Perry Park containing Alexander Stadium a venue for regional, national and international events and Perry Hall Playing Fields which apart from providing excellent walking areas provides a high proportion of Birmingham's public football and cricket pitches. Linked to these parks the Ward is crossed by the River Tame and the Tame Valley Canal both of which have development potential as public recreation facilities in the Ward. The Tame Valley Canal runs along one side of Perry Park, creation of an access and enhancement measures along the canal itself would increase its value as a recreational/leisure resource.

The River Tame passes through Perry Barr playing fields, adjoined by public open space, as it continues beyond the District to link with Beacon Regional Park. This area is designated a Green Wedge within which the Green Belt policies will apply. There is the potential to create a walkway or cycleway through the playing fields and Cherry Orchard Recreation Ground to Old Walsall Road. However, this will require crossing the railway. There is potential for the walkway to continue eastwards into Witton part of the ward.
There are a number of other small parks and three areas set aside for allotments/leisure gardens at Holford Drive, Walsall Road and Thornbridge Avenue.

"One Stop" shopping centre, a large retail development is situated west of the busy interchange of the A34 and A453 and just to the north of the A4040 outer circle route. Perry Barr Railway station is also adjacent to the centre and with the University of Central England nearby makes this area one of the busiest in the City. The Station will assume a more important role as the area develops, the station itself and pedestrian access to it from other parts of Perry Barr are in need of improvement.

Of particular concern is the need to improve the level of car parking provision and reduce impact on the surrounding residential area. Perry Barr has been identified in the City's Office Development Strategy as a location for office growth. Land between Aldridge and Walsall Roads, on the north side of the junction is identified for office development.

Traffic flows through the Walsall Road/Aldridge Road/Outer Circle junction are very heavy and are likely to increase. Improved access is required from the Holford Business Park to Aldridge Road and Brookvale Road in order to support the existing high quality industrial accommodation and proposed development of The Hub formerly IMI site probably the most important industrial redevelopment site in the City at this time.

A large proportion of the land between Aldridge Road and the Aston Expressway is in industrial and business use or earmarked for development with the exception of two area of mainly older terraced housing to the north and south of the river Tame near Witton station. These houses are in reasonably good condition and no significant change is envisaged, refurbishment or redevelopment will, however, be encouraged as appropriate.

The ward has two other large areas of mainly twenties and thirties semi detached housing where the majority of the wards population live, Perry Beeches estate to the east of Walsall road and Perry Hall and Hamstead to the West of Walsall Road. An number of smaller areas with these have newer housing and some flats. Both of these areas are served with shopping facilities at Thornbridge avenue ,Walsall Road at Tower hill and Scott Arms and Rocky Lane. The two areas are served by a health centre and library at Tower Hill and Perry Beeches Neighbourhood Office both on Beeches Road.

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