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Sutton Park

Sutton Park Visitor Centre
Sutton Park
Park Road
Sutton Coldfield
B74 2YT

(0121) 355 6370
(Please note: not all events start at this location.
See individual event entries for clarification).

Site Introduction

Sutton Park is Birmingham's largest park, covering 2,400 acres consisting of woodlands, heathlands and wetlands. The entire park was recently designated a National Nature Reserve by English Nature.

It is the home for a wide variety of wildlife, many species uncommon elsewhere in the West Midlands region. Visitors benefit from a true countryside experience, remarkably within 10 Km (6 miles) of the very heart of the City. The Visitor Centre contains displays and information related to the park.

The park is a remnant of an extensive forest that used to cover much of the Midlands. Sutton Park has retained many ancient features including prehistoric mounds and ruins as well as a Roman road making it of great interest to historical enthusiasts.

People use the park for a great variety of reasons: walking, cycling, horse riding, fishing, jogging, kite flying, canoeing, sailing and orienteering are among the pastimes the park's annual 2 million visitors enjoy.

Opening Times
Open daily from 10am.
Closing in Summer at 7pm, in Winter at 4.30pm.

Car Parking
There is a car park situated at the Visitor Centre for people with disabilities only.

Public Transport

The Visitor Centre is located within the park from the Town Gate entrance (at the end of the Park Road), and is easily reached from the centre of Sutton Coldfield town with good bus and rail connections to Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton, etc. Please see below for additional Public Transport information.

People with Disabilities
Wherever possible, we have made events suitable to those with disabilities. If unsure, please contact the Visitor Centre for further information.

Event Information
Most of our events are suitable for family groups or children. Some will be of a more specialised nature. Events may be subject to change, and therefore we recommend you telephone in advance for confirmation.

Booking Information
Please book in advance, where required.