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Birmingham City Council

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park - Animals

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

 Animals - Mammals


White Faced Saki Money

Pied Tamarin

Ring Tailed Lemur

Colombian Black Spider Monkey

Golden Headed Lion Tamarin

Aloatran Gentle Lemur

Common Squirrel Monkey

Cotton Topped Tamarin

Grey Mouse Lemur

Yellow Breasted Capuchin Monkey

Emperor Tamarin

Slow Loris

Dourocouli Monkey

Goeldis monkey

Golden Lion Tamarin

Pygmy marmoset


Red Squirrel

African Crested Porcupine

Madagascan Giant Jumping Rat

Harvest Mouse


Guinea Pig
Azures Agouti

Ocelot European Lynx

Red Necked Wallaby Sugar Glider Sitatunga Antelope
Binturong Asian Short Clawed Otter Meerkat
Red Panda Great Hairy Armadillo Two Toed Sloth
Lesser Tenrec

Domestic Animals
Kune Kune Pig African Pygmy Goat Bagot Goat
Cameroon Sheep

 Animals - Birds

Rhea Temmick's Tragopan Blue Crane
White Naped Crane Northern Bald Ibis Sacred ibis
Grey Peacock Pheasant Reeves Pheasant Serema Chicken

 Animals - Reptiles

Savu Island Python Green Tree Python Madagascan Tree Boa
San Francisco Garter Snake Rhinoceros Ratsnake

Rio Fuerte Beaded Lizard Solomon Island Prehensile Tailed Skink
Utila Island Iguana Abbots Day Gecko

European Pond Terrapin African Spurred Tortoise

 Animals - Amphibians

Madagascan Rain Frog