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Application for a Civil Partnership Certificate

A civil partnership certificate is a certified copy of the details of a civil partnership which has been legally registered

Types of Certificate

There are two types of certificate, the full certificate and the extract certificate.

The full certificate shows all the information contained in the civil partnership record, including the addresses of the civil partners at the time their civil partnership was registered.

The extract certificate does not show these addresses.

Information required for a civil partnership certificate:

the full names of both civil partners and
the date of the civil partnership registration and
the place where the civil partnership was registered.

For a full certificate, the details provided must also include the full addresses of both civil partners at the time their civil partnership was registered.

If these full addresses are not provided, an extract certificate will be issued.

The fee for a certificate is £10.00

Civil Partnership Registration

Victoria Square stands at the junction of three streets; New Street, Paradise Street and Colmore Row. After the Council House was built in the 1870s it was known as Council House Square. It became Victoria Square after the arrival of the statue of Queen Victoria in 1901.

Between August 1992 and June 1993, Victoria Square was completely redesigned at a cost of £0.2 million. Only the statue of Queen Victoria remains in its original location. The square was re-opened by Diana, the Princess of Wales on 6 May 1993.

The square is also the site of Birmingham's Town Hall, and several public works of art, including the Iron Man and the 'Floozie in the Jacuzzi'.

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