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Northfield District Soapbox

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What is the Soapbox?

The Soapboxwas introduced in Northfield District in the early part of 2005, and is your chance to have a say on any issue that concerns you, your neighbours or your community.

How does it work?

The Soapbox will be held at the end of Council business on the District or Ward Committee Agenda.

In order that everyone gets the same opportunity and standards for governance are retained, ground rules (attached below) will apply and it is expected that everyone who participates respects these. The Chair of the Committee will withdraw this speaking privilege if at any time he or she considers these ground rules to be broken.

How do I participate?

You can apply by completing the Soapbox form and posting or faxing it to Northfield District Office, 1A Vineyard Road, Northfield, B31 1PG, 0121 303 4214, or by email to northfield@birmingham.gov.uk

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