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Population in Birmingham


Over 1.1 million people live in Birmingham (1,101,360 based on the 2014 mid-year population estimate). Key facts about Birmingham are below.

Birmingham is a youthful city

  • We have more people in the younger age groups, while England has a greater proportion of older people.
  • The 'bulge' around the 20-24 age group is mainly due to students coming to study at the City’s Universities.
  • 45.7% of Birmingham residents are estimated to be under 30, compared with estimates of 39.4% for England. In contrast 13.1% of our residents are over 65, compared with 17.6% nationally


Birmingham is a diverse city

  • According to the 2011 Census around 42% of residents were from an ethnic group other than White.
  • 46.1% of Birmingham residents said that they were Christian, 21.8% Muslim with 19.3% having no religion.
  • 22% of our residents were born outside of the UK, compared with 14% in England and 11% in the West Midlands region.

Birmingham is a growing city

  • Since 2004 the population has increased by almost 100,000 (9.9%). This is an average of 0.9% per year.
  • The population increase over the last decade is associated with more births, fewer deaths and international migration.

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Last Updated : 7th July 2014