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Reports of the Independent Remuneration Panel

The City Council must have regard to the recommendations made to it by an Independent Remuneration Panel when making or amending its Members Allowances Scheme.

Latest report of the Independent Remuneration Panel.

The Panel has so far produced the following reports:

Valuing Public Service [November 2001]

This report dealt with arrangements for Basic, Special Responsibility and Childcare & Dependant Carers Allowances under the new Constitution introduced in December 2001. The Panels recommendations were accepted without amendment by the City Council. The Members Allowances Scheme adopted in December 2001 was based on these recommendations.

Re: Valuing Public Service [December 2002]

This was a review of the 2001 Members Allowances Scheme and the principles behind the Panels November 2001 report. It recommended no changes at that time.

Members' Allowances [October 2003]

This report dealt with the 2003 Regulations and contains recommendations from the Panel for the new Scheme that had to be adopted by 31 December 2003.

The Panel's recommendations, with two small amendments, were accepted by the City Council at its meeting on 2 December 2003 and form the basis of the Current Members Allowances Scheme.

Members' Allowances [October 2004]

This year the panel considered the impact of the Devolution and Localisation programme and the changing roles of Councillors.

Councillors Allowances [February 2006]

The Independent Remuneration Panels report was submitted and recommendations excepted. The Panel continually looked at Devolution and Localisation and the workload of the Licensing Committee.

Councillors Allowances [April 2007]

This year's Panel reviewed Lead Opposition Members, the role of the Audit Chairman and the on-going workload of the Constituency Chairmen. Amendments were made at City Council on 5th June 2007 to the Independent Remuneration Panel Report.

Councillors Allowances [April 2008]

This year the panel reviewed, Constituency Chairman, Political Group Secretaries, Lead Opposition Spokesperson, Audit Chairman's role now in its 2nd year. The panel continually look at the Councillors workload and time commitment.

Councillors Allowances [April 2009]

This year the panel reviewed, the Carers Allowance and the Workloads of the Chairman of Public Protection, Constituency Chairman, Political Group Secretaries and the Standards Committee.

Councillors Allowances (April 2010)

The Panel reviewed the Constituency Committee Chairman, Standards Committee and Foster and Adoption Panel Members. The Panel recommended a freeze on Basic and Special Responsibility Allowances with a slight increase for the Chairman of the Standards Committee and the Appointed Members of the Standards Committee.

IRP Panel Report 2009-10

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Councillors Allowances (April 2011)

IRP Panel Report 2010-11

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Councillors Allowances (2012)

IRP Panel Report 2011-12

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IRP Supplementary Panel Report May 2012

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Annual Report of the Independent Panel Report 2013-14 - The Basic Allowance

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Annual Report of the Independent Remuneration Panel 2014-15

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Supplementary Report of the Independent Remuneration Panel October 2015

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