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Birmingham's Independent Remuneration Panel


An Independent Remuneration Panel for Birmingham was established by the City Council at its meeting on 3 July 2001. The main features are:-

  • A total panel of 7 members, made up of 3 invited members [one of whom to chair the Panel] and 4 Citizen representatives. Over 130 people responded to a public advertisement and registered an initial interest in serving on the Panel and a total of 62 followed this up by completing application forms. The 4 Citizen Representatives were chosen from a shortlist of 12.

  • Panel members are appointed for a mixture of 2 and 3 -year periods.

  • An allowance is paid to each Panel member and travel expenses can be claimed.

Terms of Reference

The role of the Independent Remuneration Panel is to consider and keep under review certain key aspects of the Allowances Scheme and, as and when appropriate, to submit reports [containing recommendations] to the Council.

Initially the Panel was asked to make recommendations on the arrangements for Basic and Special Responsibility Allowances and the new Childcare & Dependant Carers Allowance to take account of the new Leader/Cabinet model of governance introduced by the City Council in December 2001.

New Regulations in 2003 extended the role of the Panel to include making recommendations on pensions for Councillors and travelling, subsistence and co-optee allowances. This required the Council to make a New Members' Allowances Scheme on or prior to 31 December 2003. The Panel also has the role of reviewing the Scheme annually.

Reports of the Panel

The City Council must have regard to the recommendations made to it by an Independent Remuneration Panel when making or amending its Members Allowances Scheme.

Latest Independent Remuneration Panel Report

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