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Councillor Paulette Hamilton - Handsworth Wood Ward - My News

The Handsworth Wood Ward is a very diverse Ward, where community cohesion is our first priority.

Over the past years I have worked tirelessly to ensure our children and women take an active role within the community and this has demonstrated to be very successful.

Environmental issues have proven to be of concern to many of our residents.

Examples of this:-

  • Trees and the falling leaves - extra money spent to trim our trees within the Ward.
  • Rubbish - the dumping of rubbish throughout parts of the Ward. A number of skips hired.
  • Recycling - sites located throughout the Ward.

I am working with our environmental wardens to commence a period of education, e.g. going to local groups, leaflet drops, and informing residents door to door etc.

I have chaired our Ward Committee since July 2005 and have been instrumental in giving NRF Funding to 12 of our local schools and nurseries in the area to purchase equipment. In 2005 we also opened the multi million pound Sports and Community Centre at the Laurel Road Centre.

I am pleased to announce that at Raleigh Close we now have a residents group, who are working very closely with the Police, Housing Association, Youth Services and the City Council. Leading to a number of successes such as; the resurfacing of the local alleyway and close working with the local young people.

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Councillor Paulette Hamilton

Councillor Paulette Hamilton
Concillor Paulette Hamilton
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