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Aerobic Classes Offered by BCC Leisure Centres

Aerobic Classes Offered by Birmingham City Council Leisure Centres


Our leisure centres offer a wide range of aerobic classes, for a range of abilities, ages and for both genders that combine a good workout with a lot of fun! See below for a comprehensive list of our aerobic classes and what they involve!


Hi/Lo Aerobics Abs Blaster
A range of high or low impact moves designed to improve cardiovascular fitness. Specific exercises to help strengthen the abdominal muscles and improve general core stability.
Bums, Tums & Thighs Step Aerobics
Toning exercises for those problem bits! Often includes a low impact aerobic session to burn calories and build up stamina. A great class for beginners. An effective, high or low impact workout to increase stamina, improve coordination and tone the lower body.
50+ Sequence Dancing Studio Cycling
Is based on the standard ballroom and latin dances including waltz, quickstep, foxtrot, rumba etc... No partner required. The ultimate calorie burner, burn up to 1000 calories in an hour with this exciting cycling workout. Low impact to ensure suitability for all. Class duration 45 minutes, unless otherwise stated.
Ur Time (Women Only) Salsa
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings - a range of classes for women only.

Salsa dance is a fun way to get fit, meet people and have a great time. Our salsa dance classes last for one hour long and will give you a good foundation to dance salsa.

Quick and easy to learn steps, spins and turns. Our Salsa dance lessons will give you all you need to look good on the dance floor!

No partner required.

Circuit Training Aquatone / Aquacise
Challenge your body in this unique class combining strength, endurance and cardio-vascular exercises. Great for improving sports performance. A class can include skipping, squats and press ups.

The benefits of exercising in the water are many. Aquatic exercise can not only enhance your cardiovascular fitness, it can also improve your muscular endurance and overall strength.

Because water provides buoyancy and support for the body, the likelihood of muscle, bone, and joint injuries is nearly eliminated when exercise is performed in the water.

Since water aerobics are often performed in chest-deep water, this type of exercise appeals to swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

Body Pump Body Attack
Try the latest fitness concept that produces guaranteed results. BODY PUMP is a non impact class designed to give your body a complete workout using barbells and weights to motivating music.

The class enables all levels of fitness to take part.

Beginners BODY PUMP - it is recommended that all Body Pump participants take part in this class before attending their first BODY PUMP class. The instructor will explain the main principles of BODY PUMP and teach you about the equipment and moves to prepare you for your first BODY PUMP experience.

BODYATTACK is the most athletic class you will ever do - an intense calorie-consuming workout that pushes you to the limit.

Recommended for people with moderate to high fitness levels, BODYATTACK is a 55-minute cardiovascular interval training class, combining high intensity aerobics with strength and stabilisation exercises.

You'll increase heart and lung capacity and develop a more efficient cardiovascular system, together with a general improvement in general endurance and overall body strength. BODYATTACK uses simpler and more athletic moves than many fitness classes.

Body Balance Body Combat
BODYBALANCE is a dynamic yoga-based stretch programme that leaves you feeling relaxed and renewed. It combines the fundamental principles and practices of yoga, pilates and feldenkrais, such as controlled breathing, concentration, flexibility and strength training to create an holistic workout that brings the body, mind and soul into a state of balance and harmony.

BODYBALANCE invigorates and tones, releasing tight, tense muscles and leaving you in a state of energised calm.

Please wear comfortable clothing. Shoes and socks must be removed prior to class commencing.

BODYCOMBAT combines powerhouse moves and stances developed from a range of self-defence disciplines including Karate, kickboxing, Tai Chi and Tae Kwondo, into a 'take no prisoners', adrenaline-pumping routine. It is an empowering, athletic workout that will have you 'fighting fit' in record time!

BODYCOMBAT has been specifically designed so that everyone can participate irrespective of their fitness background.

There is no sparring or one-to-one contact in BODYCOMBAT so your safety is guaranteed.

Please inform the instructor if it is your first Combat class.

Other Information

Not all our leisure centres offer all of our aerobic classes, please see the relevant leisure centre page for contact details and information on classes.

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