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House to House Collection Permits - FAQs

I want to collect money for charity by going door-to-door, do I need a licence?
Yes. To collect money for a charitable purpose you need to apply for a house to house collections licence. House to house licences can be granted for a period up to a year. Just complete the application and post it to us. Please note you can only apply for a maximum of 3 months if it is your first licence from Birmingham City Council.

Do I need a licence if I collect in pubs?
Yes. You will need a house to house collection licence.

Can I book a house to house collection for next week?
Normally no. We require a minimum of 28 days to process an application. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to process an application quicker than that, but are unable to guarantee that a licence will be issued in time.

Can I collect clothing door-to-door for charity?
This is processed in the same way as a cash collection except that we may require more information from you as to the costs involved in the clothing collection process.

Why have you asked me to put my personal details on the form?
These details are needed as we will normally notify West Midlands Police of your intention to hold a collection. You will be responsible for all monies/items collected.

You've asked me for accounts - what do you mean?
For certain types of application we may require a copy of the latest audited accounts for the charity. If you do not have audited ones, please send in any accounts you have, indicating income, expenditure etc. We will contact you if these accounts are required.

What happens next?
When we receive your application we notify West Midlands Police of your intention to hold a collection. Once we have all the information we require to process the application, we will issue a house to house collection licence.

Do collectors need to wear badges?
Yes. As the promoter of the collection you are required to ensure that all collectors carry a copy of the licence and a prescribed badge. These badges can be obtained from:

TSO Customer Services
St Crispins
Duke Street

Telephone: 0870 600 5522

Do I need to do anything after the collection?
When we issue a licence to you, you will also receive a return form which you need to complete and return to us within a month of the collection date.