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Charitable Street Collection Permits FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to collect money on the street for charity, do I need a licence?

Can I just collect anywhere, at any time?

Can I book a street collection for next week?

What do I have to do to get a street collection permit?

I want a street collection date for next year?

I forgot to apply before the 1st November last year, does this mean I can't hold a street collection this year?

I want to collect direct debit pledges?

Can I sell items for charity on the street?

Why have you asked me to put my personal details on the form?

I've applied for a street collection and you've asked me for accounts - what do you mean?

Can I change the date of a street collection I have booked?

I have to cancel my street collection, what do I do?

Do I need to do anything after the collection?