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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Taxis - Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Enforcement

This page details the work of our Licensing Enforcement Team in relation to regulating the Hackney Carriage (Taxi) and Private Hire (Minicab) trade.

Licensing Enforcement Officers will report:

Private Hire Drivers who:-

  • Illegally ply for hire;
    (This will also invalidate your insurance)
  • Stand, wait or pull onto Hackney Carriage ranks;
  • Fail to wear their badge;
  • Have their two-way radio loose in the foot-well of their vehicle;
  • Drive without insurance.

Hackney Carriage Drivers who:-

  • Drive their cabs with their meters unsealed;
  • Drive without insurance;
  • Allow their vehicles to be driven by unlicensed drivers.

Private Hire or Hackney Carriage Drivers who:-

  • Obstruct authorised officers or police officers;
  • Fail to comply with a request from such an officer;
  • Use false addresses;
  • Fail to report accidents to the licensing section;
  • Fail to report their change of address, or the transfer of their plates.

These offences carry maximum fines of between £400 and £5000 and in some instances will also include a minimum of 6 - 8 points on your licence.

Those drivers continually caught breaking the law or behaving in an unacceptable way will be reported to the Licensing Sub Committee who may suspend or revoke the drivers licence.

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The television and radio footage below highlights some of the work of our Licensing Enforcement Team regulating the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire trade in relation to illegally plying for hire and random stop checks that monitor compliance with their conditions of licence, such as safety standards.

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