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Tactile, Noisy and Smelly Books

Birmingham Libraries offer a wide selection of tactile books designed to stimulate and engage young children. As the child explores a tactile book, a variety of different textures and even smells are used to demonstrate words and meaning.

Noisy Books

Brooks, F – First Picture Action Rhymes
Six popular children’s songs with actions and sing along tunes.

Hamilton, L - Snappy Sounds Toys

Harwood, B - Snappy Sounds series
Sounds are activated by opening the pages on this pop-up series.
Snappy Sounds Circus
Snappy Sounds Christmas
Snappy Sounds Rock and Roll

Hill, Eric - Spot's Busy Week
Spot goes to stay with his grandparents. Children can press the buttons to find out about all the noisy things he does.

McKee, David - Elmer's Concert
It is concert day in the jungle and all of the animals want to join in. Press the different buttons to make the different animal noises from kangaroos bouncing to lions roaring.

Pienkowski, Jan
A series of pop up books where children can press a button to hear the appropriate noise. Titles include:
Door bell
Phone book
Road hog

Priddy, R - Let’s Say series
A board book series for the very young with 10 sound buttons.
Let’s Say Our Animals
Lets Say Our Numbers

Taplin, S - Noisy Baby Sound Book
Follows a baby playing with toys with 5 accompanying sound buttons.

Taplin, S - Noisy Christmas Sound Book
Five Christmas carols and a Christmas story.

Taplin, S - Noisy Zoo
Facts about animals including lions, elephants and parrots with animal sound button for each.

Tactile Books

Bright Babies – Duckling and Friends
Touch, feel and say textured book with different farm animals.

Campbell, Rod - Look, Touch and Feel with Buster
Feel the textures around Buster's home and find out about Buster's toys, pets and garden.

Campbell, Rod - I Won't Bite
Most of the animals in this book are gentle, cheeky or naughty but they definitely won't bite. However the crocodile has sharp teeth, so feel them if you dare. If he gets the chance, he will bite!

Campbell, Rod - Stroke Henry
Henry the dog wants to play and let children feel his toys.

Carter, David - Feely Bugs
Feel the different textured bugs in this simple picture book. There are sticky bugs, feathery bugs, velvety bugs and many more besides.

Carter, David and Noelle - What Am I?
A furry mouse is looking for his mother and meets lots of other animals along the way.

Damon, Emma - Molly's Hair
Molly does not like her curly hair and tries lots of different way to disguise it.

Dorling Kindersley (publisher) touch and feel books.
These small books enable children to explore the tactile experiences of familiar situations and objects. Titles include:
Baby Animals

Gerth, Melanie - Ten Little Ladybirds
Feel and count the ladybirds in this unusual rhyming board-book.

Inkpen, Mick - Kipper touch and feel books
A series of books about Kipper the dog. These books have the advantage of clear black print on a white background as well as a tactile experience. Titles include:
Kipper and the Egg.
Kipper's Kite.
Kipper's Sticky Paws.
Kipper's Surprise.

Jackson, Deborah - Hairy Monkey
Hairy monkey does not think he stands a chance of winning the prize for the best coat at elephant's party but he receives a surprise at the end. The story features shapes and textures that can be felt.

Land, F - Baby Touch Playbook
A variety of different textures for babies to explore.

Lodge, Jo - Patch touch and feel books

Small touch and feel books about Patch the dog. Titles include:
Patch in the Garden
Patch and his Favourite Things

Roddie, Shen
The story of little chicken and his mother. These feely books have more text than most.
Chicken Pox
Hatch Egg, Hatch!

Van Fleet, Matthew - Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings
Feel the different shapes and the textures associated with animals.

Wiggle Bug Wants Wings
The story of a bug who wants wings and knows exactly what they will feel like.

Smelly Books

Dorling Kindersley (publisher) scratch and sniff books
Small board books that allow children to experience special events and different smelly environments.

All of these books are available for loan from Birmingham Libraries. Staff can reserve books free of charge for you or you can reserve them yourself using the online catalogue.

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