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Positive Images - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

This selection of books for children and teenagers ranges from animal adventures to love stories. Each story also touches on the subject of deafness or being hard of hearing.

There is a list of information books for all ages and links to some useful websites.

Birmingham Libraries also stock a range of books and other resources for children and young people who are deaf or hard of hearing, including signed picture books and videos.

Picture Books

Bruna, Dick- The Blue Boat
Four year old Ben has a special teacher to help him to speak and is fitted with his first hearing aids. Simple text and pictures suitable for young children.

Dunbar, Joyce - Moonbird
The prince cannot hear the sounds of the Earth but a magical moonbird teaches him how to speak with his hands and listen with his eyes.

Lakin, Patrica- Dad and Me in the Morning
A deaf boy and his father share a special time as they watch the sun rise in the morning.

Nijssen, Elfi and van Lindenhuizen, Eline - Laurie
Laurie feels left out because she cannot hear clearly but her new hearing aids change everything.

Stories for Children

Dale, Jenny- Spike the Special Puppy
Spike never does what his new owners tells him and seems to be untrainable until they realise he is deaf and can be taught using hand signs.

Daniels, Lucy- Doggy Dare
Part of the popular Animal Ark Series. Will Joey, who is deaf, be allowed to keep the scruffy stray dog he finds?

Lawrie, Robin and Chris - The Chain Gang series
Muddy Mayhem
Chain Reaction
Winged Avenger
Fear 3.1
Shock Tactics
White Lightening
Cheat Challenger
2 Xc 4 My Shirt
Return Decender
Block Busters
A series about the adventures of a group of friends who ride and race mountain bikes. The best rider is Andy who is deaf and uses sign language.

Morpurgo, Michael- Why the Whales Came
Gracie and Daniel discover the Birdman isn't dangerous or mad as the adults say, but deaf. He may be right when he says Samson Island is cursed.

Teenage Fiction

Burgess, Melvin - Loving April
A moving and powerful love story, suitable for older readers.

Hunter, Jana Novotny - Read my lips.
Cat is in her last year at a boarding school for the deaf and is starting to think about how she will cope in the scary, adult hearing world outside. However her school is split by bitter rivalry between the speakers and the signers. Cat has had enough but it takes all her courage to make her views known and try to change things. A story about teenage romance and deaf politics for teenagers.

Johnson, Pete- The Headless Ghost
Nobody believes Grant when he says he has seen a ghost at the war memorial but his skill at lip reading means only he can understand its message.

Jordan, Sherryl - The Raging Quiet
Forced into a marriage to an older man to save her family from eviction, Marnie is soon widowed by a freak accident. She is befriended by Raven, a young man who she discovers is not mad, as the village think, but deaf. They form a friendship through sign language, but they are accused by the villagers of witchcraft. A story of prejudice and courage.

Laird, Elizabeth- The Listener
Gavin would rather watch football than visit his gran. When he finds her injured a deaf neighbour Shelly is able to help.

Laird, Elizabeth (editor)- Me and My Electric
Well-known children's authors are paired with seven young people with disabilities to help them tell their stories.

McCaughrean, Geraldine - The White Darkness
A wonderful adventure story with a brave and resourceful heroine. Sim is stranded in the Antarctic with a weird uncle. Is it madness, or a blessing that she can talk to her ideal man in her head, even though he has been dead over a century?

Richardson, Bill- After Hamelin
A magical story about revenge, mystery and what happened to the children of Hamelin after the piper led them away.

Information Books

Althea - I Can Hear Like You
This book focuses on a severely deaf boy who wears hearing aids. These only partly solve his problems. The book aims to promote better understanding of deafness among hearing people and introduces sign language.

Archer, Eleanor - Zoo Keeper
Katy is a zookeeper. She is also deaf. The book introduces deafness and how people adapt in an easy, picture book format.

Brearley, Sue - Talk to Me
A book for younger children about how you can talk to your friends in different ways including signs, lip reading and symbols. Illustrated by brightly coloured photographs.

Church, Diane - Going Swimming
Rowan and Annice are cousins and Rowan is deaf. They have fun together, at the swimming pool, pizza restaurant and deaf club. This book is aimed at younger primary age children.

Condon, Judith - When Its Hard to Hear
Think about sounds and things you hear. Then meet some people who are deaf and learn how they communicate and the equipment they use. A well-written and positive text which includes a section on famous people.

Haughton, Emma - Living with Deafness
This book looks at why people are deaf and how they are affected differently and includes useful addresses and organisations.

Powell, Jillian - Jordan Has a Hearing Loss
Jordan wears two hearing aids and shows how he uses sign language, lip reading and a radio aid to communicate. He enjoys sport and goes to karate, swimming and bowling with his friends.

Spilsbury, Louise - What Does it Mean to be Deaf?
This book introduces deafness and being hard of hearing, including their causes, treatment and the support that is available.

Woodhouse, Jayne - Helen Keller
An illustrated story of the life of Helen Keller, born in 1880 and left blind and deaf after a childhood illness.

Woolley, Maggie - Being Deaf
In this book Maggie Woolley who is herself deaf, explains what deafness is, and how it is caused. Find out about the everyday lives of people who are deaf and learn how they cope with their deafness.

Signed Picture Books

British Sign Language
Acredolo, Linda - Baby Signs for Bedtime
Bednarczyk, Angela - Opposites, a Beginners Guide to Signs
Kubler, Annie - Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Kubler, Annie - Incey wincey Spider
Kubler, Annie - My First Signs
Kubler, Annie - Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
Kubler, Annie - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Mathias, Beverley - AZ of Christmas
Mathias, Beverley - Animals
Mathias, Beverley - Food
Mathias, Beverley - My Body
Mathias, Beverley - Transport
Weinstock, Janet - Happy Birthday

Sign Assisted English
McBean, Elaine - Songs in Sign for Children.

American Sign Language
Hill, Eric - Spot Goes to School
Heller, Lora - Teaching Your Baby to Sign.

Tubb, Teresa - The Billy Goats Gruff
Tubb, Teresa - The Three Little Pigs


British Sign Language
Cinderella - signed by Jerry Hanifin
Don Worry William - written by Christine Morton, signed by Jerry Hanifin
First Words for Me - signed by Jerry Hanifin
Goldilocks and the Three Bears - signed by Jerry Hanifin
Kipper - written by Mick Inkpen, signed by Lesley McGilp
Six Dinner Sid - written by Inga Moore, signed by Jerry Hanifin
Three Billy Goats Gruff - signed by Jerry Hanifin
Ugly Duckling - signed by Jerry Hanifin
Whale Song - written by Dyan Sheldon, signed by Jerry Hanifin
Nursery Rhymes - performed by Dave Benson Phillips
Signed videos for children are available to borrow free of charge from all Birmingham Libraries.

Where can I find the books and videos?

All of these books and videos are available from Birmingham Library Services and can be reserved free of charge. You can reserve them online throughBirmingham Libraries Catalogue.

Useful Websites

National Deaf Children's Society:www.ndcs.org.uk
A UK charity which supports all deaf children, young deaf people and their families.

Personal support, information and training by and for deaf people.

British Sign Language:
A site which uses moving pictures to show the basic signs for British Sign Language.

Forest Books:www.forestbooks.com
Books, videos and CD-Roms about deafness and deaf issues.

The BBC's website for children includes a signing game.

This free online library of signed books offers deaf children, their families and schools wider access to their favourite stories in the preferred language of the Deaf Community.

Signed Stories:www.signedstories.com
A fantastic website from ITV. Popular picture books are brought to life with animated video, sign language and subtitles. An audio soundtrack means that the stories can be enjoyed by hearing children too.

Please note: We are not responsible for the content of other organisations' websites.

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