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The Weoley Collection

The Weoley Collection at Weoley Castle Library has been built up over the past few years and contains all the material at the library about the Weoley Castle area and the historic Manor of Weoley. It aims to collect and preserve Weoley recorded heritage for the use of the local community, school children and students and to preserve it for the use of future generations.

The collection is already a valuable resource on the history and development of the area and a good starting point for local history projects and for local people who want to delve into Weoley past or reminisce over views of yesteryear.

The material has been collected from a number of sources which include community groups and local residents, the Birmingham Central Library and local press cuttings.

Topics covered include

Castle Square

The main local shopping centre and the heart of the estate.

Castle Site

Weoley's medieval heritage and the forgotten gem of Birmingham.

Farming and Rural Life - the farms, the farmers, country life and rural views.

Dudley No 2 Canal joined the Worcester-Birmingham Canal at Selly Oak.

. . . and much more. Why not come and browse through the collection?

Weoley Castle Library

Castle Square Portfolio