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Farming and Rural Life

The farms, the farmers, country life and rural views.

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The library has a copy of the Tithe Apportionment for Northfield (including Weoley) as well as a copy of the Tithe Map. This gives a complete picture of rural Weoley as it was in 1838. It gives details of who owned what, the name of the occupier (or farmer), the fields and their names and much more.

It gives a very full picture of the farms and farming life, the fields, woods, paths and roads. It also makes it possible to trace some of the remaining relics of Weoley rural past.

Farming lasted in Weoley longer than in many of Birmingham suburbs. The real start of urbanisation began with the building of the Weoley Castle Estate in the early 1930s.

However, if you look around the area carefully, there are many reminders of Weoley rural past such as Senneley Park, the Duck Pond and much more.