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Castle Site

Weoley Castle is a moated manor house situated four miles south west of the centre of Birmingham. It occupies a low-lying site in the valley of the Stonehouse or Bourne Brook with low hills rising to the north and south of the castle site. The stream originally fed the moat but its course was altered in 1792 during the construction of the Dudley Canal, and it was diverted into a new sewer in the 1930s when Weoley Castle Corporation Housing Estate was built. The moat is now completely dry.

For most of the medieval period Weoley Castle was the manorial centre for the manor of Northfield-Weoley, which included sub manors of Selly and Middleton. At the time of the Doomsday survey Weoley formed part of the estates of William FitzAnsculf, whose barony was centred on Dudley.

The remains visible today mainly date from the late 14th/early 15th century rebuilding.

Recent History:

On the death of Squire Ledsam in 1929, the remainder of the estate was sold to the City of Birmingham and shortly afterwards the Weoley Castle housing Estate was built.

Excavation finds

Excavations on the castle site took place in the 1930s and the site was opened for public viewing. A small museum was provided and a custodians house built.

In 1996 the site was closed to the public and has remained closed ever since except for the occasional open day.

Weoley Castle Open Day 17 July 2005

However, Weoley Castle now has a viewing platform. This was opened on the Open Day held on 17 July 2005. The grassed area has a path leading to two illustrated information panels. At this point visitors can get an excellent view across the ruined site. The viewing area is open during the hours of daylight on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays until until the end of October.

Vision for the Future:

A feasibility study has been commissioned whose aim is to provide information and recommendations on the potential future use of the site.

There is strong community support for progressing this further. As they say, watch this space!

Weoley Castle Library