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Genealogy/ Cremation/Burial Register

Birmingham introduced a computerised register and appointments system for all cemeteries and crematoria in 1989. Since 1989 the details of cremations have been entered into the appropriate paper register and an electronic register. The burial records have been entered into an electronic register since 1996. Birmingham City Council has also arranged to have some of the older paper registers back entered onto the electronic registers. This back entry of the paper registers to electronic format will continue as funding permits.

If you are researching your family tree you can carry out an online search of the available electronic burial and cremation register records but should you fail to find the information that you are searching for you can request a search of the paper registers to be carried out by staff or request a certified copy of the full burial register entry by contacting the appropriate site office. Please refer to our Fees and Charges page to find out the cost for this service.

Birmingham City Council offer this information in good faith. However, we cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or exceptions. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information is accurate, you are advised to perform your own verification of this data.

If you are interested in Genealogy and Family History then the Archives and Heritage service on the fourth floor of the Library of Birmingham has an extensive range of material for tracing families, including family graves, in the Birmingham area. More information can be found on the Library of Birmingham website: www.libraryofbirmingham.com/familyhistory Birmingham Library Services also publish a book, In the Midst of Life, which gives an historical account of burial grounds in Birmingham.

The Birmingham Register Office may also be able to supply information to assist in your research.