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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Camp Layout

The camp was divided into 8 sub camps, each holding around 5,000 scouts, which were named after one of the previous 8 places the Jamboree had been held, so included names such as Olympia and Copenhagen. Each sub camp had it own distinctive entrance and was divided up into numerous national and county contingent camps, many of these with their own entrances and gates as well. The camp also included a hospital, police & fire stations, a shopping centre, exhibition and theatre areas, a press camp and a public restaurant, to name but a few of the facilities. Below is a map of the camp.

The Sutton Park Visitor Centre is helping to compile an oral history archive of this event. We are interested in speaking to local residents who remember the event, who may have taken part or even helped in the organisation and related activities. We have already had some great anecdotes and some fascinating photographs but are still hungry for more. The project will eventually form a publicly accessible part of the Sutton Reference Library collection as a permanent history of the event.

If you have anything you'd like to share you can contact the Sutton Park Visitor Centre on: 0121 355 6370, Email us at: sutton.park.visitors.centre@birmingham.gov.uk Or just drop in to our location near town gate for a cup of tea and a chat.

World Scout Jubilee Jamboree 1st 12th August 1957
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