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Notice Given For Street Works

How will I know if my street is going to be resurfaced?

We'll send you a letter at least a week before work starts. This will tell you exactly what's going to be done, what materials will be used, and how long the work is expected to last. It will also tell you who the contractor will be to do the work, and who to contact at the City Council if you have a problem.

Once work starts, there'll be a sign giving details of what's going on and the name and telephone number of someone at the City Council to contact with any problems.

How will I know a good job will be done?

We work hard to ensure high standards for the maintenance and repair of roads and pavements. All the work carried out is inspected to ensure that it has met the specifications we set. If you think the work is faulty, let us know and we'll check it out. Any shortcomings will be put right. Your views are important to us so we want to know what you think of any work done on the road where you live. A prepaid questionnaire will be delivered after the work has been completed asking your opinion. Your views help to measure the quality of our contractors, and helps to improve standards to make Birmingham a centre of Streetworks Excellence.

What can I do if someone is digging in the street and making a mess?

Often work or repairs are the responsibility of other organisations, such as gas, electricity and telephone companies, or private builders. They should display a board telling you who they are. Either complain directly to them or let us know and we'll take up the issue on your behalf.